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Gung Hay Fat Choy

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Happy Year of the Ox! May it bring you peace, joy, and prosperity (of whichever kind you like)!

Today, despite being miserably sick, I celebrated by making fried wontons and wonton soup for my family.

making the wontons (filling of ground pork, shrimp, lap xiang, garlic, ginger, scallions, sesame oil, soy sauce, and chinese rice wine):

chopping ingredients for soup:

wontons waiting to be boiled in the soup:

finished: fried wontons

finished: wonton soup (wontons, fresh shitakes, lap xiang, lotus root, and baby bok choy)

Bush's War on Cheese

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Not sure if you heard the news, but if it doesn't get repealed there will be a prohibitive tariff going into effect on Roquefort.

"Oh?" you say? Yes. One of ex-President (gods it's nice to be able to finally say that!) Bush's last actions in office was among other things to impose a tremendously restrictive tariff upon the king of French cheeses. How restrictive? 300%


but but but but why?

As a ridiculous exercise in protest... a childish reaction to the inability to convince the French and the European Union to allow for the importation of beef from the good ol' USofA that contains growth hormones and whatnot. Why they don't want our chemical laden meat, I just do not know.

So... chances are good that Obama will reverse this action set to be imposed come March... but just in case, maybe you better go out and buy your Roquefort before it hits $100/lb... ok, maybe not that bad, but oy vey...

"the time has come to set aside childish things..." indeed.

google up the stories, or start with a few here:

TIME magazine article

Telegraph article

Huffington Post blog

of course if the tariff sticks, there are other blues... for instance, while not quite the same, an arguably equally divine sheep's milk blue from Minnesota called Big Woods Blue is available at Liberty Heights Fresh... not quite as wet as some Roquefort, it is just as creamy with a rich buttermilky tang and an ever subtle caramel/vanilla sweetness that has quickly become one of our favorites at the shop.

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