Beehive Cheese in SF Chronicle!

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So Pat from Beehive Cheese called me at work earlier this week to get a reference check on an old fellow cheese monger who may end up working part time with them making cheese. At one point in our conversation, he informs me that they'd recently had a chat with the San Francisco Chronicle's Janet Fletcher and were the feature of her most recent cheese column. Excellent!

You can read the article here.

I love Janet's articles, and if you don't have her section of the Chron bookmarked please do.

In this article, she features Beehive's award winning Barely Buzzed Cheddar (it's taken the blue ribbon for flavored cheddars at the American Cheese Society Conference two years running)... a cheddar that's been rubbed with a turkish ground espresso roasted for the boys at Beehive by Tim's brother in Colorado. The Beehive Blend I believe it's called. In addition to the coffee, there is dried lavender in the rub as well.

I'm not one for flavored cheeses. Usually, if I'm buying one, it's for use as an ingredient or spread (garlic fromage d'affinois steak sandwiches anyone?). When I first saw Barely Buzzed, I was working as a cheese monger for Harmons here in Salt Lake shortly after moving up from Tucson. My first thoughts were something along the lines of "Ugh... trendy gimmick cheese? No thanks." But those thoughts were soon erased.

I think also that this cheese has evolved over these last couple years with little tweaks here and there I'm sure, but I'll let Pat and Tim hang onto those secrets. The first wheel I sold through wasn't bad. Not like the skeptic in me wanted it to be. But the flavors didn't come together like they do in the wheels coming out these days. The coffee was very prominent, sometimes overpowering the cheese itself, in my opinion.

Nowadays though, the flavors are balanced nicely. The coffee lends a chocolatey smokiness to the cheese, and the cheese itself is rich and tangy... assertive enough to dance lively with the beans. The lavendar? Sometimes I can taste it, sometimes I can't... but if you really want to bring it out, have a nibble on some Barely Buzzed with your morning coffee. Coffee and cheese? In this case, most certainly yes.

A couple times since I've been working at Liberty Heights now, I've had the luck to receive in a wheel of Barely Buzzed where the curds must have been just loose enough and moist enough that the coffee managed to seep its way inside. Those wheels have had a lovely light carmel colored hint of marbling throughout, and a rich creamy cappuccino flavor to the body of the cheese... a true coffee lover's delight. Those wheels always fly out the door.

Fun cheese. Great guys. I'm glad to see them so successful and growing! And I'm glad to have had at least a small hand in helping them get there.

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Oooooohhh coffee cheese yum!

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