Cheese Tasting/Pairing 2/2/09

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Steven wanted me to go along with him tonight to teach a course on cheese and pairings at the U, but there was no one able to cover my closing shift. Instead, I sent along my cheese and accompaniment choices for the class. (And since this is Utah and we didn't want to chance it, cider was served as refreshment in lieu of wine... unpasteurized and local of course!) The class was to introduce people to not only basic types of cheeses, but what they might not think of to eat them with. A pairing 101.

Here is what I chose for the class:

Gorgonzola Dolce (a very soft young Italian blue) paired with honey (a basic no brainer... safe, but classic and delicious)

MouCo Colorouge (a lightly washed then soft-ripened cheese from Colorado) paired with Matiz Fig Syrup

Gravenstein Gold (cider-washed rind goats milk cheese from Redwood Hill Farm in California) paired with Mostarda di Uva (one of my faves... made with grapes, figs, pears, quince, pumpkin, and nuts)

Zwister Gouda (aged raw milk cheese from Rock Hill Creamery here in Utah. nice and zippy!) paired with Corazon Membrillo paste

Extra Aged Mimolette (delicious and eye-catching (looks like a canteloupe) French cheese made with the help of myriad cheese mites. yummy!) paired with fried and salted Marcona Almonds.

Thus, we had pastes, spreads, syrups, and nuts paired with 5 of 7 cheese families... soft-ripened, semi-hard, hard, blue, and washed-rind.

Steven introduced and talked about each of the cheeses and pairings, and also invited the class to experiment as each person's taste varies. After the class though, he called me at work to let me know that everyone was raving over my choices and liked them best in the end. Always nice to hear things like that. Makes me think I might actually know what I'm doing!

I think we might convert the class into an employee tasting next, then try to incorporate these things into our daily samplings in the store as well.

Good times, good food. Yum!

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