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Last night, author and NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman was in town on a book tour for Hot, Flat, and Crowded. I was on the LHF catering team plating up pre-show appetizers that we'd donated.

I've read Friedman's columns in the Times, but haven't read his books. I definitely want to pick up a copy of HF&C now. Listening to him talk really began to redefine what I think of as "Green" and what we really need to be doing to help bring about revolution and change that is truly necessary for our the survival of our human race and its various cultures... and to redefine as well what we and the world think of as "American."

But for now, the food...

Ria designed three appetizers to follow the theme of the lecture, each upon crostini made fresh that morning from Vosen's bagettes.

Hot: crostini topped with fresh Creminelli Piccante Sausage and sweet & spicy tomato chutney...

Flat: a light puree of English Peas spread on crostini and topped with a dusting of Beehive Aggiano cheese (we were originally going to shave it, but the cheese wasn't cooperating)...

Crowded: crostini topped with hard boiled Clifford Farms eggs, hummus, and organic Arugula...

As for the ingredients, we did what we could to ensure as small a carbon footprint as we could, using primarily locally produced ingredients (or as close to home as possible) from organic and sustainable farms.

Also in attendance and working the crowd were Cristiano Creminelli and his partner as well as Tim from Beehive Cheese... although once it got a bit crowded for comfort in the reception room, they came back and hung out in the kitchen as we plated and we talked shop a bit and shot the breeze.

The evening began slow, and we were worried at first as people didn't seem to be touching the sausage... but once it picked up, everything was a hit, and the food was heading out as fast as we were plating it up.


After the event, we packed up and headed over to Setebello for a couple drinks and really killer Napoli style pizza prepared perfectly in their wood fired oven. I'd been meaning to go there pretty much since I moved here to Utah, so it was a real treat to end the night there. I had the namesake Setebello pizza topped with crushed tomatoes, pancetta, fennel sausage, roasted mushrooms, pine nuts, mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil. It was hot and flat, but certainly not crowded despite the melange of ingredients. Just the right amount of everything bite after delectable bite. I'll definitely be heading back for more!

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