A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Far Away...

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Wowza! Has it really been almost seven months since my last post? Crazy...

The date of my last entry here just about coincides with when I officially took over as Manager for the Cheese & Charcuterie department at Liberty Heights. Understandably, I have been busy, but that's an awful long time to go without talking about cheese, food, or drink... especially considering just how incredibly saturated my life has been with all of the above.

My apologies... if there's anyone reading, but mostly to myself for not keeping the dust from gathering in this corner of the ether.

There are far too many happenings for me not to be posting here regularly, and hopefully I shall remedy that.

It's always exciting this time of year in the world of food... well, in my world anyway! Workwise, I'm bringing in a lot of fun stinkers and rich mountain cheeses. In fact, I'm co-teaching a class in just a couple weeks at work featuring some Fall wine & cheese pairings. I'll be sure to post about that. We'll be doing a fondue class/party in early to mid-November that should be a blast as well. Can't decide if I want to feature two or three recipes... thinking my take on a traditional Swiss for one... an all American Farmstead/Artisanal for two... and perhaps a Utahan fondue for the third (with a beer & whisky base... or an alternative "Mormon" recipe featuring local cider hmm...).

Regardless, I just thought I'd spew a few words out into the wilderness to remind myself of this existence. With any luck (and gumption!), the next won't be another 7 months away.

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