All about Emi... well, almost.

My name is Emiliano Silva Lee, and this is my blog. One of them, anyway. This is the blog on my website, and I intend to use it for a mix of casual business, food, and philosophy related purposes first and foremost. For more personal entries, I have other resources, and if you know me as a friend, you probably already know about those.

I am... well, many things. Identity was something I wanted to major in at university, but they wouldn't let me. Identity as the basis for all conflict... to be more precise. Who knows where I would've taken that had they allowed me.

Instead I am now a big internet geek (be it blogging, social networks, gaming, or roleplaying) and all too much into exploring various worlds of culinary delight. Well, ok, you can't ever be too much into food... gluttony is one thing, but passion is another.

Aside from being a lifetime foodie, I am currently employed at an amazing market here in Salt Lake City, Utah called Liberty Heights Fresh. I met the owner, Steven Rosenberg, at the 2008 American Cheese Society Conference in Chicago. I had been flown there as one of the top selling cheese mongers for the company I was then working for, and ironically enough hit it off rather well with Steven. After experiencing quite a number of things including a professional epiphany, I returned to Salt Lake with an ache for more than I was able to achieve where I was at... and Steven and I proceeded to chat and discuss the possibility of what is now currently evolving as my job as Cheese Monger at LHF.

It was a lifestyle choice. I'm now working at a market that has at it's very core the same fundamental beliefs in food that I live by... that food should be good and be good for you, and that we should promote the artistry and craft that goes into making such food while also being proactive in creating and maintaining a healthy and living world for ourselves and the future.

In addition to my privileges and duties at LHF, I have also made myself available for catering, education, and consultation in the realms of cheese... and I took the first step towards founding a Utah Cheese Society by creating a Google group in the hopes of promoting growth and cooperation amongst local cheese makers and retailers as pioneers in this often overlooked mountain state. I am doing what I can to make use of that fire that was stoked by my experiences in Chicago earlier this year... by the wonderful community I found myself a part of, the people I met, the lessons I learned, and the cheeses I tasted!

While this is an amazing time for me professionally, I am taking it as I take all things: with calm and ease and appreciation for everything this life has to offer me in whatever forms and feelings may come.

For those of you taking the time to stop by my little corner of the web here, I do hope you enjoy.



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